Our Story

As a parent of five children, I was determined to provide my family with healthy snacks. The first thing I noticed was my family loved peanut butter with everything. As I examined the ingredient list, I realized our peanut butter was filled with sugar and bad oils. We tried the “All Natural” peanut butter, but my children found it too dry. Plus, I knew almonds were healthier so it made sense to switch to almond butter.

We tasted numerous almond butters on the market, but most of them were gritty, clay like, and bland. This led me to learning how to make almond butter. I was determined to make a smooth and flavorful almond butter, something we couldn’t find in stores.

After many late nights and several batches, I finally had an almond butter my children fell in love with and it became more than just a “snack”. When my children couldn’t put the spoon down, I knew this was the perfect recipe. The name became obvious when my daughter would run from the pantry with a spoon in hand demanding more “bubba” . . . hence the birth of Bubba Almond Butter in 2014!

The extra care in toasting and grinding the almonds into a smooth and creamy finish is what differentiates my almond butter. I stayed away from traditional sweeteners and the common Palm Fruit oils used in other almond butters. Not only is Palm Fruit oils bad for the body, but it has increased the destruction of tropical forests in the world. Instead, I decided to use High Oelic Sunflower oil which is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats as well as a good source for Vitamin E and A.

But I wanted more than just a plain almond butter flavor and came up with a honey and cinnamon flavor. Honey is full of many health benefits. It promotes energy, helps with allergies, and encourages good digestion. Cinnamon is a good source of antioxidants, protects heart health, and a natural anti-inflammatory. This amazing combination became the family’s favorite!

Since my family love dark chocolate, it made sense to add this flavor to our product line. The dark chocolate almond butter taste bitter and sweet. This flavor became the snack to curve that sweet tooth craving.

After the three almond butters were created, I set up peer reviews by sending out samples to those who used almond butter regularly and those who never had it. Positive reviews flowed in and pushed me to officially start a business around my latest creations.

Currently, Bubba Almond Butter is sold in 3 local stores around San Antonio and online.